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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tons of steel nets many zeros

IDEAS2 (Innovative Design in Engineering and Architecture with Structural Steel) has awarded the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco the design of the Golden Gate Park.

The project entails 2.5 acres of undulating roof, perimeter steel canopy supporting photovoltaic cells, and glazed domes. That is just the start. The project also includes implementation of the new Energy Efficient Building Code.

Currently, the estimated cost of structural steel -- engineered, fabricated and erected -- for this particular project is: $17,500 per ton.

The average actual cost for structural steel, in place, for massive steel structures, union, is: $7,500 per ton. Fifteen years ago, the average cost for structural steel, in place, for massive steel structures, union, was: $4,500 per ton.

The price tag on this California beauty is only $488,000,000 when completed.

Val Tuhari, of Construction Advisory Group, predicts an overrun, "My cost prediction on this project is way over $1,000,000,000."

Throw your bid into the ring. Where do you see the final cost landing? Leave a comment.


  1. How can irresponsible beaucracies continue to make decisions with tax dollars? California is in major financial debt, and this is how they propose to use the dollars? I agree with the overruns and a billion dollars seems accurate as they always seem to cost double when government is involved.

  2. How could this happen?? Many people says that construction job is the most corrupt job in the world. Maybe they have a over pricing to their estimation.