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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Revising the minimum design loads

The ASCE and SEI will hold public comments on revisions to the existing standards of “Minimum Design Loads”.

With no exceptions, all past revisions have increased the safety coefficients and this round of revisions will probably not be an exception. Is this the right time for such structural codes modifications?

Let's keep in mind that those minimum loads on dead loads, live loads, snow, wind, earthquake, etc., now exceed the same used by European Standards and International Standards.

The fundamental concept of structural engineering is ECONOMICS.

If we continue traveling this road, structural engineering will turn into an appendix since any architect, as we know in South Florida, can very well over-design any structural components.

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  1. Structural Engineering as we have seen used around the world as of recent IS becoming the architectural design. The increasing of the minimum design loads will only bring the costs more to the forefront and place limits on what has been seen as revolutionary design and archtitecture. Minimum Design loads are exactly that, yet as expressed in the passage we keep increasing them to their Maximum.