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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Structural steel for shear walls

Structural steel use on shear walls for high-rise concrete structures is getting attention and actual application in the Northeastern United States, while the South shows little to no interest.

At the Marquis project in Miami, Florida, which is a 67 story tower, a substitution of conventional reinforcement with structural steel, at the inverted spandrel beams, was proposed.

Those principals of Construction Advisory Group, involved in the Marquis project in differing capacities, cited productivity and cost as over-riding considerations in favor of structural steel. It was noted that some of the distribution girders/spandrel beams, extended for two stories in height and acted as shear walls as well.

The structural engineer on the Marquis project approved this substitution.

Val Tuhari, of Construction Advisory Group, poses the question, "Why is this approach practically nonexistant in the Southeast regions? Further more, why is the use of structural steel, in general, drastically lower here when compared with a great majority of regions in the U.S.?"

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