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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Engineering Wonder Beneath World Trade Center Site

This is from Matt Dunning, Oct. 2, 2009: "Port Authority crews built a temporary support structure to hold in place the concrete-clad tunnel housing the #1 train subway tracks that run across the World Trade Center site. With the tunnel suspended above ground, trains can continue running through the site as work on the transportation hub, new through streets and other pieces of the rebuilding go on-above, around and underneath the active subway line."

The projected savings are $108,000,000.

This is, without a doubt, something refreshing coming from the current construction industry.

Here is the engineering beauty of the system. To build the temporary bracing structure, 60-foot steel columns (blue) were driven through the concrete-clad tunnel, then hung the tunnel from series of lateral steel I-beams (red and green) and suspension ties (yellow). (See the color-coded diagram for reference.)

Now, this is structural engineering.

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