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Monday, October 19, 2009

Soap Bubble Inspired Design

Building Design, 10/15/2009:

“Securing the design contract for the National Aquatics Centre for the Beijing 2008 Olympics was a task worthy of gold metal distinction in itself. Arup (a multinational engineering design, project management and consulting firm), and PTW (an architectural firm based in Sydney, Australia) beat out 10 qualifiers for this prestigious world-class project. Arup used MicroStation, MicroStation TriFormula, Bentley Structural and Bentley generative design technology for its unique design based on a natural pattern of organic cells and the formation of soap bubbles.”

This is an extraordinary revolution in structural design.

From Webster's, “Generative” is defined as , “having the power or function of generating, originating, producing or reproducing."

This sounds like the governing God’s laws, does it not? C

lassic structural design is based on clear and concise parameters related to mathematics and physic principles. This new approach exceeds those parameters.

Simply think about the “soap bubbles," smile and think again.

In essence, the optimal design for the “Water Cube” was determined by analyzing multiple configurations of thousand of steel members and connecting nodes.

We understand the concept started with The SmartGeometry Group that originated The London Gerkin Geometry. It is indeed revolutionary.


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  2. This is highly misleading. The geometry of water bubbles are not optimal for structural steel work. Optimizing structural steel work is too boring and will not excite anyone.