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Thursday, November 19, 2009

A-201 Challenger

The American Institute of Architecture's A-201, a family of documents that relate to General Conditions and establish the ground rules between owners, architects, engineers and contractors, has enjoyed the endorsement of the Associated General Contractors of America until 2007.

The AGC and other contractor groups now support a competing contract, called
ConsensusDOCS. The groups are working to challenge the pre-eminence of the AIA’s A-201 document, claiming the most recent version shifts too much risk away from architects and places it on contractors.

Christine Riker, office manager for the
Todd Hess Building Co., said Hess Building uses ConsensusDOCS for roughly 90 percent of its jobs, and that it really takes all parties’ considerations into account.

Jeremy Vermilyea, president of Tigard-based
Vermiliyea Law Group, often represents contractors in contract disputes. He recommends caution when using the latest AIA sponsored document.

We see this competition as a welcome development, since a well balanced contract is always the key to a successful project.

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