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Monday, December 21, 2009

Diversity of Specialty

According to New York Construction, several large public projects will continue to move forward in 2010, but with the economy still troubled and financial markets unyielding, private jobs are few. “The name of the game for 2010 and beyond is to make sure you are well diversified in different product types," says Pat DiFillippo, executive vice president of Turner Construction Co. in New York.

Turner, in a partnership with Tishman Corp. of New York, will provide $105 million in construction management support services for the 800,000 square foot World Trade Center Transportation Hub in lower Manhattan, replacing Phoenix Constructors.

Diversity may by great, but when companies like Turner and Tishman get into a completely different line of work, it should ring bells of concern. These two are major names in building construction -- not infrastructure.

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