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Monday, February 22, 2010

Florida's Share of Stimulus Money

Stimulus check: Where the money went - Orlando Business Journal:

In the last twelve months, Central Florida has benefited from more than $782.4 millon in stimulus monies. Central Florida's share is almost 9 per cent of the $9 billion awarded to the entire state. Central Florida has made good use of their stimulus monies: 506 contracts and grants, according to a national stimulus tracker.

In Orange, Osceola, Lake and Seminole counties, federal stimulus money has created the equivalent of nearly 283 full-time jobs. The numbers get bigger: during the past year, statewide, stimulus money has created 34,868 full time jobs across the state.

The numbers are anticipated to look even better in 2010. Many projects weren't contracted until late last year, including road construction and building renovation projects.


  1. When does the money and jobs flow south? South Florida is not drying up, it is a dustbowl!! Our political leaders do not have our best interests at heart. They want to make sure their pockets are lined prior to any decisions are made that could result in them having to take a position on ANYTHING.

    Very tired, concerned and fed up with the FED and State for that matter.

  2. Th construction business even grow better and better in Florida as compare to past years...

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